May 20, 2024
Casino VIP Managers

VIP managers work in a fast-paced and rewarding environment and are tasked with growing customer relationships

Casino VIP managers cater to high-value customers who bet large amounts and in return enjoy the highest level of customer care. Also known as VIP relationship executive, head of CRM, and customer relationship manager, they deliver loyalty programs and act as first line support for high stake players.

Benefits of Becoming a VIP Manager

A major benefit is the fact that they work in a dynamic and well-rewarded environment where they collaborate with various departments and have the chance to influence promotional campaign. This position is also a good choice for professionals who have a strong interest in the casino gambling or sports betting industry.

There are some cons as well, one being the fact that VIP managers are often required to travel and attend major events. This job also requires personalized treatment and attention to detail to every high-value customer.


Salary levels depend on many factors, including location, casino, and industry experience. On average, managers in gaming or sportsbook make about $60,000 – $70,000 but they also enjoy significant bonuses.


To become a VIP manager, you need to have good knowledge of different game offerings such as baccarat, roulette, sagame, bingo, poker, and slots. In addition, casinos typically require industry experience, i.e. customer service, account manager, or a related position with a focus on gaming or sportsbook. The ideal candidate also has a strong commercial background in meeting or exceeding set targets. The key skills that employers are looking for include strategic management, relationship building, excellent communication skills, and customer retention and acquisition. Candidates who are committed to personalized communication and are entrepreneurial and self-motivated are given preference. To be best positioned for this job, the candidate must have ability to engage and motivate customers and a good sense of personal ambition.


VIP managers have multiple responsibilities for growing, strengthening and maintaining customer relationships through management and leadership. The goal is to create and implement a strategy that targets the high-value segment. VIP managers are mainly responsible for project workflow, customer prioritization and satisfaction, and account growth. It is their job to ensure that all activities at the casinos meet the highest standard of quality. A key part of this position is also to maintain and oversee a team of account managers with responsibilities across commercial targets and all customer service levels.

In addition, VIP managers also develop and maintain professional relationships with first-time, new visitors, engage in telephone solicitation, and respond to guest complaints, pain points, concerns, and requests. They are tasked with addressing customer conflicts and issues on behalf of the casino. With regard to loyalty schemes, managers communicate services and programs to senior executives and seek their approval and support. They also spend significant amount of time at various social functions and special events.

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